teambuilding process

experience the team spirit - develop the commonalities

We handle teambuilding as a matter for the heart, brain and hands.

Our strength is balancing intensive experience, target-oriented reflection and useful implementation of the findings together with a lot of humor and fun.

We combine our adventure programs with teambuilding modules according to your needs and remain aware of sustainable impact on your everyday work.

According to your requirements, we  propose at least one day for the event. We recommend you include an overnight stay. In our experience the evenings offer the participants an opportunity to talk about their topics and concerns on an informal basis with their colleagues.

We are pleased to support you finding a suitable location – please have a look at our partner hotels.

Here is a short overview of the requests of our customers:

typical setting up to 20 people

  • strengthen confidence in each other
  • improve communication
  • clarify the positioning of the manager
  • identify and solve conflicts
  • develop team-agreements
  • question processes and procedures
  • have fun together

Large events with up to 200 people

  • get a view of the big picture
  • feel strength and diversity in the team
  • experience values, missions and visions
  • get to know each other 
  • work on group-relevant topics in small groups
  • give constructive feedback – include loops
  • thank your employees for their excellent performance